Gaisin, Almaz Fivzatovich

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Candidate of technical sciences (2011)
Speciality: 01.02.05 (Mechanics of fluids, gases and plasmas)
Birth date: 9.04.1987
Main publications:
  1. Son E.E., Suvorov I.F., Kakurov S.V., Gaisin A.F., Samitova G.T., Soloveva T.L., Yudin A.S., Rakhletsova T.V., “Elektricheskie razryady s zhidkimi elektrodami i ikh primenenie dlya obezzarazhivaniya vod”, Teplofizika vysokikh temperatur, 52:4 (2014), 512
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. Az. F. Gaisin, L. N. Bagautdinova, Al. F. Gaisin, R. Sh. Sadriev, F. M. Gaisin, I. I. Galimzjanov, A. Kh. Gil'mutdinov, E. F. Shakirova, “Thermograms of high-frequency capacitive discharge between solid and liquid electrodes”, TVT, 56:5 (2018),  838–840  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 56:5 (2018), 821–823  isi  scopus
2. I. I. Galimzyanov, Al. F. Gaisin, I. T. Fakhrutdinova, E. F. Shakirova, M. F. Akhatov, R. R. Kayumov, “Characteristics of the development of electric discharge between jet anode and liquid cathode”, TVT, 56:2 (2018),  306–309  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 56:2 (2018), 296–298  isi  elib  scopus
3. Al. F. Gaisin, É. E. Son, A. V. Efimov, A. Kh. Gil'mutdinov, N. F. Kashapov, “Spectral diagnostics of plasma discharge between a metal cathode and liquid anode”, TVT, 55:3 (2017),  472–475  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 55:3 (2017), 451–454  isi  scopus
4. Al. F. Gaisin, “2D numerical simulation of volume discharge with liquid anode”, TVT, 55:1 (2017),  141–142  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 55:1 (2017), 145–146  isi  scopus
5. É. E. Son, Al. F. Gaisin, M. A. Leushka, Az. F. Gaisin, R. Sh. Sadriev, F. M. Gaisin, “Some pecularities of electric discharge between a solid electrode and technical water”, TVT, 54:1 (2016),  29–31  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 54:1 (2016), 25–27  isi  scopus
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7. Al. F. Gaisin, “Pecularities of transition of a low-current microwave capacitive discharge with an electrolitic electrode in a high-current discharge”, TVT, 53:1 (2015),  18–22  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 53:1 (2015), 16–20  isi  elib  scopus
8. É. E. Son, R. Sh. Sadriev, Al. F. Gaisin, L. N. Bagautdinova, F. M. Gaisin, E. F. Shakirova, M. F. Akhatov, Az. F. Gaisin, R. R. Kayumov, “Pecluraties of microwave discharge between a copper pin electrode and technical water”, TVT, 52:6 (2014),  961–964  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 52:6 (2014), 939–941  isi  elib  scopus
9. É. E. Son, I. F. Suvorov, S. V. Kakaurov, Al. F. Gaisin, G. T. Samitova, T. L. Solov'eva, A. S. Yudin, T. V. Rakhletsova, “Electrical Discharges with Liquid Electrodes Used in Water Decontamination”, TVT, 52:4 (2014),  512–519  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 52:4 (2014), 490–496  isi  elib  scopus
10. A. F. Gaisin, “Some particularities of development of high frequency capacitive discharge between a drop-jet electrolytic electrode and a flow-type electolytic cell”, TVT, 51:6 (2013),  945–948  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 51:6 (2013), 863–866  isi  elib  scopus
11. G. T. Samitova, Al. F. Gaisin, T. B. Mustafin, Az. F. Gaisin, É. E. Son, D. A. Vesel'ev, F. M. Gaisin, “Certain Features of Multichannel Discharge in a Tube under Atmospheric Pressure”, TVT, 49:5 (2011),  788–792  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 49:5 (2011), 762–765  isi  elib  scopus
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18. Al. F. Gaisin, “A multichannel discharge between a stream electrolytic cathode and a metal anode at atmospheric pressure”, TVT, 44:3 (2006),  343–348  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 44:3 (2006), 336–341  elib  scopus

19. É. E. Son, I. F. Suvorov, S. V. Kakaurov, Al. F. Gaisin, G. T. Samitova, T. L. Solov'eva, A. S. Yudin, T. V. Rakhletsova, “Erratum: “electrical discharges with liquid electrodes used in water decontamination” [High Temperature 52, 490 (2014)]”, TVT, 53:3 (2015),  458  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 53:3 (2015), 458  isi  scopus

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