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Candidate of physico-mathematical sciences
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1. N. V. Ardelyan, S. N. Chuvashev, T. N. Yangulova, V. E. Ostashev, “The effect of magnetogasdynamic shunting of magnetic-current structures with current layer. Nonlinear stage”, TVT, 34:3 (1996),  474–479  mathnet; High Temperature, 34:3 (1996), 468–472  isi
2. V. E. Ostashev, A. V. Ul'yanov, S. N. Chuvashev, “Operating modes of a magnetoplasma accelerator of macrobodies”, TVT, 34:1 (1996),  146–151  mathnet; High Temperature, 34:1 (1996), 142–147  isi
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4. V. E. Ostashev, E. F. Lebedev, A. V. Ul'yanov, B. D. Yankovskii, “Optimization of the power supply mode of railguns”, TVT, 32:6 (1994),  902–908  mathnet; High Temperature, 32:6 (1994), 842–848  isi
5. V. E. Ostashev, A. A. Zubkov, E. F. Lebedev, A. V. Ul'yanov, “Formation and evolution of a current-plasma armature in a magnetoplasma accelerator of macrobodies”, TVT, 32:1 (1994),  16–22  mathnet; High Temperature, 32:1 (1994), 15–21  isi
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9. E. V. Anis'kin, V. E. Ostashev, V. S. Slavin, “Numerical simulation of operating modes of the magnetoplasma accelerator of macrobodies”, TVT, 31:1 (1993),  115–120  mathnet; High Temperature, 31:1 (1993), 103–108
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11. A. A. Zubkov, V. E. Ostashev, “Formation of a plasma armature in the channel of a magnetoplasma projectile accelerator”, TVT, 30:3 (1992),  609–613  mathnet; High Temperature, 30:3 (1992), 495–498  isi
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13. L. I. Volkova, V. E. Ostashev, V. S. Slavin, “Nonstationary gasdynamic processes in a magnetoplasma accelerator for dielectric strikers”, TVT, 29:3 (1991),  591–597  mathnet; High Temperature, 29:3 (1991), 476–482  isi  scopus
14. Yu. S. Protasov, S. N. Chuvashev, V. E. Ostashev, V. E. Fortov, “Mechanisms and criteria of stability toss of plasmodynamic discharges with current sheath”, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 309:2 (1989),  339–343  mathnet
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16. M. M. Kondratenko, E. F. Lebedev, V. E. Ostashev, V. I. Safonov, V. E. Fortov, A. V. Ul'yanov, “Experimental investigation of magnetoplasma acceleration of dielectric projectiles in a rail gun”, TVT, 26:1 (1988),  159–164  mathnet; High Temperature, 26:1 (1988), 139–144  isi
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21. A. M. Maksimov, V. E. Ostashev, “Breakdown of the gas ahead of a shock front in an induced electric field”, TVT, 13:3 (1975),  644–647  mathnet; High Temperature, 13:3 (1975), 581–584
22. V. E. Ostashev, A. M. Maksimov, E. F. Lebedev, Yu. A. Kuznetsov, A. N. Davydov, “Nonsteady interaction of a plasma flow behind a strong shock wave with a magnetic field”, TVT, 13:1 (1975),  110–115  mathnet; High Temperature, 13:1 (1975), 92–96  scopus

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