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Is currently an Associate Professor of Physics, working at the University of Miami, FL in the field of statistical optics, coherence and polarization theories, light interaction with random and complex media, and optical system design for operation in natural environments. She has received her BS in Mathematics from Samara State University, Russia in 1999, MS and PhD in Applied Mathematics from the University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL in 2002 and 2003, respectively. Her dissertation on random beam propagation in turbulent atmosphere was supervised by Prof. L. C. Andrews. From 2004 to 2007, she was an Assistant Professor of Research at the Physics Department, University of Rochester, NY, working with Prof. Emil Wolf. She published 150 journal papers and two books on statistical optics. Also she serves as a topical editor and/or a member of the editorial board for Optics Letters (OSA), Journal of Optics (EOS) and Computer Optics, and has chaired six conferences on atmospheric and oceanic propagation of electromagnetic waves (SPIE).
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1. Polarization properties of three-dimensional electromagnetic Gaussian Schell-Model sources
O. Korotkova
КО, 41:6 (2017),  791–795
2. Scattering of light from hollow and semi-hollow 3D scatterers with ellipsoidal, cylindrical and cartesian symmetries
X. Chen, O. Korotkova
КО, 40:5 (2016),  635–641

3. Vortex beams in turbulent media: review
V. A. Soifer, O. Korotkova, S. N. Khonina, E. A. Shchepakina
КО, 40:5 (2016),  605–624

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