Freidlina, Rakhil' Khatskelevna

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Corresponding member of USSR Academy of Sciences
Doctor of chemical sciences
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1. R. G. Gasanov, R. Kh. Freidlina, “Application of the Spin Trapping Method in Kinetic Measurements”, Usp. Khim., 56:3 (1987),  447–465  mathnet; Russian Chem. Reviews, 56:3 (1987), 264–274
2. R. Kh. Freidlina, R. G. Gasanov, N. A. Kuz'mina, E. Ts. Chukovskaya, “Transition Metal Carbonyls Combined with Hydrogen Donors as Initiators of the Radical Reduction of Trichloromethyl Compounds”, Usp. Khim., 54:7 (1985),  1127–1151  mathnet; Russian Chem. Reviews, 54:7 (1985), 662–675  isi
3. R. Kh. Freidlina, F. K. Velichko, A. B. Terent'ev, “Modern Problems of Homolytic Telomerisation”, Usp. Khim., 53:3 (1984),  370–397  mathnet; Russian Chem. Reviews, 53:3 (1984), 222–237  isi
4. R. Kh. Freidlina, A. A. Kamyshova, E. Ts. Chukovskaya, “The Synthesis of Substituted Cyclopropanes and Cyclopropenes by the Reductive Cyclisation of Polychloroalkanes”, Usp. Khim., 51:4 (1982),  646–660  mathnet; Russian Chem. Reviews, 51:4 (1982), 368–376  isi
5. R. Kh. Freidlina, A. B. Terent'ev, “The Isomerisation of Unstable Organoelemental Radicals in Liquid-phase Reactions”, Usp. Khim., 48:9 (1979),  1548–1571  mathnet; Russian Chem. Reviews, 48:9 (1979), 828–839
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7. R. Kh. Freidlina, A. B. Terent'ev, “Rearrangements of Biradicals With Migration of an Alkyl Group or Hydrogen”, Usp. Khim., 43:2 (1974),  294–316  mathnet; Russian Chem. Reviews, 43:2 (1974), 129–139
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10. R. Kh. Freidlina, E. Ts. Chukovskaya, Yu. P. Chizhov, “The influence of ethylene oxide or of amines on the chain transfer with a mediator in the telomerization of ethylene tetrachloride by carbon”, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 162:2 (1965),  359–361  mathnet
11. R. Kh. Freidlina, E. Ts. Chukovskaya, B. A. Ènglin, “A new type of chain transmission in radical polymerization by means of a “mediator””, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 159:6 (1964),  1346–1349  mathnet
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13. B. A. Ènglin, R. Kh. Freidlina, “Kinetics of ethylene telomerization by carbon tetrachloride and chloroform. The $Q-e$ scheme”, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 158:4 (1964),  922–925  mathnet
14. A. B. Terent'ev, R. Kh. Freidlina, “Rearrangement of $\alpha,\alpha$-bis-(-butylthio)-ethylbenzene to $\alpha,\beta$-bis-(-butylthio)-ethylbenzene under the action of tertiary butyl peroxide”, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 158:3 (1964),  679–681  mathnet
15. È. M. Brainina, G. G. Dvoryantseva, R. Kh. Freidlina, “Cyclopentadienyl dizirconoxanic compounds containing aryl or chelate groups”, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 156:6 (1964),  1375–1378  mathnet
16. R. Kh. Freidlina, S. N. Aminov, A. B. Terent'ev, “Rearrangement of radicals in the telemerization of ethylene by acetic acid”, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR, 156:5 (1964),  1133–1136  mathnet
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