Kharitonov, Sergey Ivanovich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (2010)


Leading researcher of Diffractive Optics laboratory of the Image Processing Systems Institute of RAS, leading researcher at the Breakthrough Technologies for Earth's Remote Sensing laboratory in S.P. Korolyov Samara State Aerospace University (National Research University). 1984 – graduated from Physics department of Samara State University. 1993 – defended his dissertation "Asymptotic methods of calculation of the diffraction of laser radiation Focuser". 2010 – defended his doctoral thesis on "Asymptotic methods for calculating the diffraction of coherent electromagnetic radiation in diffractive optical elements". Research interests: diffraction, quantum optics, plasma physics. The list of scientific papers S.I. Kharitonov's 87 articles, 5 patents.
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1. A. A. Rastorguev, S. I. Kharitonov, N. L. Kazanskii, “Modeling of image formation with a space-borne Offner hyperspectrometer”, Computer Optics, 44:1 (2020),  12–21  mathnet
2. S. N. Khonina, S. I. Kharitonov, S. G. Volotovsky, V. V. Podlipnov, N. A. Ivliev, “Analysis of characteristics of paraxial vector Gaussian beams affecting the formation of microstructures in an azopolymer”, Computer Optics, 43:5 (2019),  780–788  mathnet
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4. S. I. Kharitonov, S. G. Volotovsky, S. N. Khonina, N. L. Kazanskii, “Propagation of electromagnetic pulses and calculation of dynamic invariants in a waveguide with a convex shell”, Computer Optics, 42:6 (2018),  947–958  mathnet
5. S. I. Kharitonov, S. G. Volotovsky, S. N. Khonina, “Calculation of the angular momentum of an electromagnetic field inside a waveguide with absolutely conducting walls: ab initio”, Computer Optics, 42:4 (2018),  588–605  mathnet
6. N. L. Kazanskiy, S. I. Kharitonov, I. N. Kozlova, M. A. Moiseev, “The connection between the phase problem in optics, focusing of radiation, and the Monge–Kantorovich problem”, Computer Optics, 42:4 (2018),  574–587  mathnet
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10. S. N. Khonina, S. G. Volotovsky, A. V. Ustinov, S. I. Kharitonov, “Analysis of focusing light by a harmonic diffractive lens taking into account the refractive index dispersion”, Computer Optics, 41:3 (2017),  338–347  mathnet
11. S. I. Kharitonov, S. G. Volotovsky, S. N. Khonina, “Hybrid asymptotic method for analyzing caustics of optical elements in the axially symmetric case”, Computer Optics, 41:2 (2017),  175–182  mathnet
12. S. I. Kharitonov, L. L. Doskolovich, N. L. Kazanskii, “Asymptotic methods for solving problems of diffraction by non-periodic structures”, Computer Optics, 41:2 (2017),  160–168  mathnet
13. S. I. Kharitonov, L. L. Doskolovich, N. L. Kazanskii, “Solving the inverse problem of focusing laser radiation in a plane region using geometrical optics”, Computer Optics, 40:4 (2016),  439–450  mathnet
14. S. I. Kharitonov, S. G. Volotovsky, S. N. Khonina, “Geometic-optical calculation of the focal spot of a harmonic diffractive lens”, Computer Optics, 40:3 (2016),  331–337  mathnet
15. S. I. Kharitonov, N. L. Kazanskiy, L. L. Doskolovich, Yu. S. Strelkov, “Modeling the reflection of the electromagnetic waves at a diffraction grating generated on a curved surface”, Computer Optics, 40:2 (2016),  194–202  mathnet
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