Trifonov, Andrei Yurievich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1995)
Speciality: 01.04.02 (Theoretical physics)
Birth date: 14.07.1963
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Keywords: Asymptotic methods, nonlinear equations, semiclassical asymptotic, financial mathematics.
UDC: 517, 517.9


1. Asymptotic methods for the solution of linear and nonlinear equations of mathematical physics.
2. Semiclassical quantization of nonintegrable Hamiltonian systems.
3. Asymptotic methods for financial mathematics.
4. Reaction-diffusion equations.

Main publications:
  1. Lisok A.L., Shapovalov A.V. and Trifonov A.Yu., “Symmetry and Intertwining Operators for the Nonlocal Gross–Pitaevskii Equation”, Sym., Integ. and Geom.: Meth. and Appl., 9 (2013), 066, 1–21
  2. Belov V.V., Litvinets F.N. and Trifonov A Yu., “The semiclassical spectral series for a Hartree-type equation corresponding to a rest point of the Hamilton–Ehrenfest system”, Theor. Math. Phys., 150:1 (2007), 26–40
  3. Belov V.V., Trifonov A.Yu. and Shapovalov A.V., “The trajectory-coherent approximation and the system of moments for the Hartree type equation”, Int. J. of Math. and Math. Scien., 32:6 (2002), 325–370
  4. Bagrov V.G., Belov V.V., Trifonov A.Yu., “Semiclassical trajectory-coherent approximation in quantum mechanics: I. High order corrections to multidimensional time-dependent equations of Schrodinger type”, Ann. of Phys. (N.Y.), 246:2 (1996), 231–290
  5. Bagrov V.G., Belov V.V., Yevseyevich A.A., Trifonov A.Yu., “Quasiclassical spectral series of the Dirac operators corresponding to quantized two-dimensional Lagrangian tori”, J. Phys. A: Math. Gen., 27:15 (1994), 5273–5306
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. E. A. Levchenko, A. Yu. Trifonov, A. V. Shapovalov, “Semiclassical approximation for the nonlocal multidimensionalfisher-kolmogorov-petrovskii-piskunov equation”, Computer Research and Modeling, 7:2 (2015),  205–219  mathnet
2. E. A. Levchenko, A. Yu. Trifonov, A. V. Shapovalov, “Large-time asymptotic solutions of the nonlocal Fisher–Kolmogorov–Petrovskii–Piskunov equation”, Computer Research and Modeling, 5:4 (2013),  543–558  mathnet
3. Aleksandr L. Lisok, Aleksandr V. Shapovalov, Andrey Yu. Trifonov, “Symmetry and Intertwining Operators for the Nonlocal Gross–Pitaevskii Equation”, SIGMA, 9 (2013), 066, 21 pp.  mathnet  mathscinet  isi  scopus
4. A. V. Borisov, A. Yu. Trifonov, A. V. Shapovalov, “Convection effect on two-dimensional dynamicsin the nonlocal reaction-diffusion model”, Computer Research and Modeling, 3:1 (2011),  55–61  mathnet
5. R. O. Rezaev, A. Yu. Trifonov, A. V. Shapovalov, “The Einstein–Ehrenfest system of $(0,M)$-type and asymptotical solutions of the multidimensional nonlinear Fokker–Planck–Kolmogorov equation”, Computer Research and Modeling, 2:2 (2010),  151–160  mathnet
6. A. V. Borisov, A. Yu. Trifonov, A. V. Shapovalov, “Numerical modeling of population 2D-dynamics with nonlocal interaction”, Computer Research and Modeling, 2:1 (2010),  33–40  mathnet
7. A. V. Borisov, A. Yu. Trifonov, A. V. Shapovalov, “Semiclassical solutions localized in a neighborhood of a circle for the Gross–Pitaevskii equation”, Computer Research and Modeling, 1:4 (2009),  359–365  mathnet
8. A. V. Shapovalov, A. Yu. Trifonov, E. A. Masalova, “Semiclassical asymptotics of nonlinear Fokker–Plank equation for distributions of asset returns”, Computer Research and Modeling, 1:1 (2009),  41–49  mathnet
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