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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. Partial asymptotic decomposition of the domain for the diffusion–discrete absorption
G. P. Panasenko
Trudy Inst. Mat. i Mekh. UrO RAN, 18:2 (2012),  205–211
2. Method of asymptotic partial decomposition of domain and partial homogenization
G. Panasenko
Trudy Inst. Mat. i Mekh. UrO RAN, 9:1 (2003),  137–142
3. Asymptotic analysis of the problem of contact of a highly conducting and a perforated domain
S. Gnélécoumbaga, G. P. Panasenko
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 39:1 (1999),  70–86
4. The effective properties of structures and composites with inclusions in the form of walls and rods
N. S. Bakhvalov, G. P. Panasenko, M. È. Èglit
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 36:12 (1996),  73–79
5. An asymptotic analysis of junctions of non-homogeneous elastic rods: boundary layers and asymptotic expansions
G. P. Panasenko, J. Saint Jean Paulin
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 33:11 (1993),  1693–1721
6. Averaged systems of equations of the theory of elasticity in a medium with weakly compressible inclusions
G. P. Panasenko
Mat. Zametki, 51:1 (1992),  126–133
7. Asymptotic solutions of the system of elasticity theory for rod and frame structures
G. P. Panasenko
Mat. Sb., 183:1 (1992),  89–113
8. Averaging of a three-dimensional problem of elasticity theory for an inhomogeneous rod
M. V. Kozlova, G. P. Panasenko
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 31:10 (1991),  1592–1596
9. Asymptotic solution of the system of equations of elasticity theory for rods, rod constructions and frame structures
G. P. Panasenko
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 31:7 (1991),  1099–1100
10. Multicomponent homogenization for processes in essentially nonhomogeneous structures
G. P. Panasenko
Mat. Sb., 181:1 (1990),  134–142
11. A numerical-asymptotic multicomponent averaging method for equations with contrast coefficients
G. P. Panasenko
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 30:2 (1990),  243–253
12. The averaging method for partial differential equations and its applications
N. S. Bakhvalov, G. P. Panasenko, A. L. Štaras
Itogi Nauki i Tekhniki. Ser. Sovrem. Probl. Mat. Fund. Napr., 34 (1988),  215–241
13. Numerical solution of cell problems in averaging theory
G. P. Panasenko
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 28:2 (1988),  281–286
14. Averaging processes in framework structures
G. P. Panasenko
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 122(164):2(10) (1983),  220–231
15. Asymptotic expansion of solutions of a system of elasticity theory in perforated domains
O. A. Oleinik, G. A. Iosif'yan, G. P. Panasenko
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 120(162):1 (1983),  22–41
16. Averaging of processes in frame constructions with random properties
G. P. Panasenko
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 23:5 (1983),  1098–1109
17. Higher order asymptotics of solutions of problems on the contact of periodic structures
G. P. Panasenko
Mat. Sb. (N.S.), 110(152):4(12) (1979),  505–538

18. Sergei Mikhailovich Kozlov (obituary)
N. S. Bakhvalov, A. Yu. Belyaev, M. I. Vishik, V. V. Zhikov, V. P. Maslov, O. A. Oleinik, G. P. Panasenko, A. L. Piatnitski
Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 51:4(310) (1996),  145–146

Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Уравнения на графе для давления в трубчатых структурах
G. P. Panasenko
Differential operators on singular spaces, algebraically integrable systems and quantization
April 17, 2017
2. High order homogenization and dimension reduction for elastic and viscoelastic rods and plates
G. P. Panasenko
International Conference on Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
July 8, 2014 09:00
3. Обобщенный асимптотический ряд Н. С. Бахвалова для вязкоупругого стержня
G. P. Panasenko

May 21, 2014 16:30   

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