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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. Perverse schobers and birational geometry
Alexey Bondal, Mikhail Kapranov, Vadim Schechtman
Selecta Math. (N.S.), 24:1 (2018),  85–143
2. Rational differential forms on the line and singular vectors in Verma modules over $\widehat{sl}_2$
Vadim Schechtman, Alexander Varchenko
Mosc. Math. J., 17:4 (2017),  787–802
3. Invariant Functionals and Zamolodchikovs' Integral
Bui Van Binh, V. V. Schechtman
Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 49:1 (2015),  71–74
4. De Rham complex of a Gerstenhaber algebra
Vadim Schechtman
Mosc. Math. J., 15:4 (2015),  817–832
5. Chiral de Rham complex over locally complete intersections
Fyodor Malikov, Vadim Schechtman
Mosc. Math. J., 15:2 (2015),  353–372
6. Remarks on a triple integral
Bui Van Binh, Vadim Schechtman
Mosc. Math. J., 13:4 (2013),  585–600
7. Cohomology of a flag variety as a Bethe algebra
A. N. Varchenko, R. Rimányi, V. O. Tarasov, V. V. Schechtman
Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 45:4 (2011),  16–31
8. Conformal blocks and equivariant cohomology
Richárd Rimányi, Vadim Schechtman, Alexander Varchenko
Mosc. Math. J., 11:3 (2011),  561–581
9. Nombres de Bernoulli et une formule de Schlömilch–Ramanujan
Oleg Ogievetsky, Vadim Schechtman
Mosc. Math. J., 10:4 (2010),  765–788
10. Homological Algebra and Divergent Series
Vassily Gorbounov, Vadim Schechtman
SIGMA, 5 (2009), 034
11. On a New Form of Bethe Ansatz Equations and Separation of Variables in the $\mathfrak{sl}_3$ Gaudin model
E. E. Mukhin, V. Schechtman, V. O. Tarasov, A. N. Varchenko
Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 258 (2007),  162–184
12. Localization of modules over small quantum groups
M. Finkel'berg, V. Shekhtman
Itogi Nauki i Tekhniki. Ser. Sovrem. Mat. Pril. Temat. Obz., 34 (2001),  5–66
13. Projective geometry and $K$-theory
A. A. Beilinson, A. N. Varchenko, A. B. Goncharov, V. V. Schechtman
Algebra i Analiz, 2:3 (1990),  78–130
14. Higher Bruhat orders, related to the symmetric group
Yu. I. Manin, V. V. Schechtman
Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 20:2 (1986),  74–75
15. The homotopy limit of homotopy algebras
V. A. Khinich, V. V. Schechtman
Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 41:3(249) (1986),  205–206
16. Additive characteristic classes in $K$-theory
V. V. Schechtman
Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 19:3 (1985),  82–83
17. Geometry of the category of complexes and algebraic $K$-theory
V. A. Khinich, V. V. Schechtman
Funktsional. Anal. i Prilozhen., 18:2 (1984),  83–84
18. Chern classes in algebraic $\mathbf K$-theory
V. V. Schechtman
Tr. Mosk. Mat. Obs., 45 (1982),  237–264
19. The Riemann–Roch theorem and the Atiyah–Hirzebruch spectral sequence
V. V. Schechtman
Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 35:6(216) (1980),  179–180
20. Algebraic $K$-theory and characteristic classes
V. V. Schechtman
Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 33:6(204) (1978),  239–240
21. On a criterion of exactness of a finite free complex
V. V. Schechtman
Mat. Zametki, 17:5 (1975),  711–716

22. Corrigenda
V. V. Schechtman
Uspekhi Mat. Nauk, 34:2(206) (1979),  251

Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Двойственность Кертиса и преобразование Фурье – Сато
V. Shekhtman
Seminar of the Department of Algebra and of the Department of Algebraic Geometry (Shafarevich Seminar)
March 7, 2017 15:00
2. Braids, collinearity and Coxeter stacks
V. V. Schechtman
Algebraic Geometry and Number Theory
June 24, 2014 15:00   
3. Алгебры Баталина-Вилковыского, крохотные струны и мембраны
V. V. Schechtman
Globus Seminar
October 31, 2013 15:40   
4. Pentagramma Mirificum (чудесная пентаграмма)
V. Shekhtman
Homology and homotopy methods in geometry
May 18, 2011 18:30

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