Peller, Vladimir Vsevolodovich

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Peller, Vladimir Vsevolodovich
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
Keywords: self-adjoint operators; normal operators; Hankel operators; Toeplitz operators; trace formulae; Schatten - von Neumann classes; operator Lipschitz functions
UDC: 513, 513.8, 513.881, 517.5, 517.53, 517.948, 517.98, 519.28, 517.51


operator theory; perturbation theory; Hankel and Toeplitz operators; multiple operator integrals; stationary processes

Main publications:
  1. V.V. Peller, “Operatory Gankelya v teorii vozmuschenii unitarnykh i samosopryazhennykh operatorov”, Funkts. analiz i ego pril., 19:2 (1985), 37Ц51
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  3. V.V. Peller, Hankel operators and their applications, Springer Monographs in Mathematics, Springer-Verlag, New York, 2003
  4. A.B. Aleksandrov and V.V. Peller, “Operator HölderЦZygmund functions”, Advances in Math, 224 (2010), 910Ц966
  5. V.V. Peller, “The LifshitsЦKrein trace formula and operator Lipschitz functions”, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc., 144 (2016), 5207Ц5215
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