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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
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1. O. I. Baum, A. I. Omel'chenko, E. M. Kas'yanenko, R. V. Skidanov, N. L. Kazanskii, È. N. Sobol', A. V. Bolshunov, S. E. Avetisov, V. Ya. Panchenko, “Control of laser-beam spatial distribution for correcting the shape and refraction of eye cornea”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 50:1 (2020),  87–93  mathnet [Quantum Electron., 50:1 (2020), 87–93]
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5. S. I. Kharitonov, S. G. Volotovsky, S. N. Khonina, N. L. Kazanskii, “Propagation of electromagnetic pulses and calculation of dynamic invariants in a waveguide with a convex shell”, Computer Optics, 42:6 (2018),  947–958  mathnet
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42. N. L. Kazanskii, “Advances of the journal of Computer Optics”, Computer Optics, 41:1 (2017),  139–141  mathnet

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