Ardelyan Nikolay Vasilievich

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Senior Researcher
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1992)
Speciality: 01.01.07 (Computing mathematics)
Birth date: 18.09.1953
Phone: +7 (495) 939 37 95
Keywords: numerical metods, modeling, gas, plasma.
UDC: 517.9, 519, 519.632


Development investigation and application of numerical method in gas and plasma dynamics.

Main publications:
  • N. V. Ardeljan, G. S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, S. G. Moiseenko. Magneto-Rotational ejection. Astrophysics and Space Science 2001, v. 276 (1 suppl.), 295–296.
  • A. F. Aleksandrov, N. V. Ardelyan, S. N. Chuvashev, A. P. Ershov, A. A. Ruhadze, I. B. Timofeev, B. I. Timofeev, V. M. Shibkov. Supersonic Plasma Flows and Their Influence on Aerodynamics of flight. Journal of Technical Physics. V. 41, No 1. Special Issue. 2000. Warshava. P. 533–550.
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. Structural properties of grid operators in node implicit operator-difference schemes of two-dimensional gas dynamics on triangular grids and increasing the computational efficiency of object-oriented algorithms
N. V. Ardelyan, M. N. Sablin
Vychisl. Metody Programm., 13:2 (2012),  352–365
2. Stability of two-layer operator-difference schemes with symmetric and skew-symmetric operators
N. V. Ardelyan
Fundam. Prikl. Mat., 5:4 (1999),  979–991
3. Explosion mechanisms of supernovae: the magnetorotational model
N. V. Ardelyan, G. S. Bisnovatyi-Kogan, S. G. Moiseenko
UFN, 167:10 (1997),  1128–1131
4. The effect of magnetogasdynamic shunting of magnetic-current structures with current layer. Nonlinear stage
N. V. Ardelyan, S. N. Chuvashev, T. N. Yangulova, V. E. Ostashev
TVT, 34:3 (1996),  474–479
5. A method for the numerical solution of the single-phase Stefan problem on an adaptive grid of variable structure
N. V. Ardelyan, M. N. Sablin
Differ. Uravn., 29:7 (1993),  1130–1136
6. On the convergence of iterations for systems of two linear operator equations
N. V. Ardelyan, E. I. Nagaeva
Matem. Mod., 1:12 (1989),  120–132
7. A method for the investigation of the convergence of nonlinear difference schemes
N. V. Ardelyan
Differ. Uravn., 23:7 (1987),  1116–1127
8. Convergence of iterative methods for solving implicit difference schemes for a nonlinear equation of heat conduction
N. V. Ardelyan
Differ. Uravn., 21:12 (1985),  2131–2137
9. Convergence of difference schemes for two-dimensional equations of gas dynamics taking account of gravitation in an acoustic approximation
N. V. Ardelyan, S. V. Chernigovsky
Differ. Uravn., 20:7 (1984),  1119–1127
10. On the use of iterative nethods when realizing implicit difference schemes of two-dimensional magnetohydrodynamics
N. V. Ardelyan
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 23:6 (1983),  1417–1426
11. The convergence of difference schemes for two-dimensional equations of acoustics and Maxwell's equations
N. V. Ardelyan
Zh. Vychisl. Mat. Mat. Fiz., 23:5 (1983),  1168–1176

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