Shalumov Alexander Slavovich

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Doctor of technical sciences (1999)
Speciality: 05.13.11 (Mathematical and programme software for computers, computer systems, and networks)
Birth date: 14.09.1965
Phone: +7 (916) 581 25 77
Keywords: methodology, mathematical, topological, entity set model, radio electronic means, interactive synthesis, design solution, simulation automated system, database.


1. Mining the scientific bases on creation and intrusion of the automated systems of complex mathematical modelling of physical processes in radio electronic means and scientific methods of training of simulation on the basis of the modern programs.
2. Mining a methodology of interactive synthesis of the design solutions of radio electronic means pursuant to principles of CALS-technologies.


Shalumov Alexander Slavovich, having ended in 1989 with distinction day time separation of the Vladimirskiy polytechnic institute on a speciality "Designing and technology of radio electronic means", on distribution was directed to work the assistant on stand "Devices of a precision mechanics" Kovrov branch of the Vladimirskiy polytechnic institute. In 1990 has entered target post graduate course of the Moscow institute of electronic engineering and in 1994 successfully has finished it with protection of a candidate thesis.
Worked the engineer, assistant, senior lecturer of stand "Instrument making, automatics and control", professor of stands "Applied mathematics and CAD", "Instrument making, automatics and control" and "Economics and management". In 1998 is selected on competition for the first time manager by stand "Applied mathematics and CAD", in 2003 — for the second time.
Since September, 2004 works the professor of the Vladimirskiy branch of the Russian academy of a public service at the President of Russian Federation (VF RAGS). Since 2006 is the manager by stand of information technologies VF RAGS.
Has defended a doctoral thesis in 1999. With 1996 — member of Presidium of board of the Vladimirskiy separation NTO REM by A. S. Popv, in 1999 is selected the member — corespondent of International academy of informatization, in 2001 — member of International academy of informatization. Since 2000 is stipendiat of the Russian academy of sciences (RAS). In 2001 the premium of Government of Russian Federation is adjudged in the field of science and engineering. In 2003 the grant of the President of Russian Federation for support of young Russian scientific and leading scientific schools of Russian Federation is adjudged. In 2004 is selected the member of Presidium of board of the Vladimirskiy company "Knowledge". Has a scientific rank of the professor, and also the special diploma of International academy of informatization permitting to read to the lecture in USA and countries of Western Europe.
In 2001 has created the Vladimirskiy regional public organization "Soyuz of the young scientists". Till the present time is the chairman of "Soyuz of the young scientists". The member doctoral disertation of advice on a direction of information technologies.
Has about 200 scientific and methodical publications, including 5 monographies, from them 3 — through central publishing house "Wireless and communication", 59 articles, 16 educational and methodical manuals, including 3 manuals with a signature stamp UMO, 1 manual with a signature stamp of the Ministry, 1 Managing document military by the order of the Ministry of Defense of Russian Federation. Under the direction of the professors Shalumov A. S. for last 4,5 years are protected 10 candidate thesises, 12 diplomas of the All-Russia and International competitions of scientific activities of the students and post-graduate students are obtained. The scientific project "Complex mathematical modelling of an electronic equipment during a life cycle "designing – effecting – exploitation" with draft on funds of computer facilities and new information technologies" recognized by best in the field of information science and mathematics on the International exhibition "EXPO - SCIENCE - 2003".

Main publications:
  • Shalumov A. S. A methodology of complex interactive calculation of the mechanical characteristics of standard designs of an electronic equipment on early design stages // of an Information of high schools. AN ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING. - 2000. - 6. - p. 75–81.
  • Shalumov A. S., Kofanov Y. N., Grinenko A. P., Malutin N. V. The automated filling of cards of operational modes radio-frequency components // Information technologies in designing and effecting. - 2002. - 3. - p. 19–23.
  • Kofanov Y. N., Shalumov A. S., Juravsky V. G., Goldin V. V. Mathematical modelling of radio electronic means at mechanical effects. - M.: a wireless and communication, 2000. - 226 p.
  • Design automation and simulations of printed board assemblies of electronic package / Y. N. Kofanov, N. V. Malutin, A. V. Sarafanov, S. I. Tregubov, A. S. Shalumov. - M.: a wireless and communication, 2000. - 389 p.
  • Kofanov Y. N., Novikov E. S., Shalumov A. S. Information technology of simulation of mechanical processes in designs of radio electronic means. - M.: a wireless and communication, 2000. - 160 p.
  • Shalumov A. S. Simulation of mechanical processes in designs of radio electronic means on the basis MKR and analytical methods: the manual. Is allowed by Ministry of education of Russian Federation as the manual for the students of high schools teaching on a speciality 220300 "Automated design engineering systems". - Kovrov: Kovrov state technological academy, 2001. - 296 p.
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