Doskolovich, Leonid Leonidovich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
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1. A. A. Mingazov, L. L. Doskolovich, D. A. Bykov, N. L. Kazanskiy, “The two reflector design problem for forming a flat wavefront from a point source as an optimal mass transfer problem”, Computer Optics, 43:6 (2019),  968–975  mathnet
2. L. L. Doskolovich, E. A. Bezus, D. A. Bykov, R. V. Skidanov, N. L. Kazanskiy, “Calculation of a diffractive lens having a fixed focal position at several prescribed wavelengths”, Computer Optics, 43:6 (2019),  946–955  mathnet
3. L. L. Doskolovich, A. A. Mingazov, D. A. Bykov, E. A. Bezus, “Formulation of the inverse problem of calculating the optical surface for an illuminating beam with a plane wavefront as the MongeľKantorovich problem”, Computer Optics, 43:5 (2019),  705–713  mathnet
4. E. A. Kadomina, E. A. Bezus, L. L. Doskolovich, “Bragg gratings with parasitic scattering suppression for surface plasmon polaritons”, Computer Optics, 42:5 (2018),  800–806  mathnet
5. L. L. Doskolovich, K. V. Andreeva, D. A. Bykov, “Design of an axisymmetric optical element generating a prescribed illuminance distribution and wavefront”, Computer Optics, 42:5 (2018),  772–778  mathnet
6. A. A. Mingazov, D. A. Bykov, L. L. Doskolovich, N. L. Kazanskii, “Variational interpretation of the eikonal calculation problem from the condition of generating a prescribed irradiance distribution”, Computer Optics, 42:4 (2018),  568–573  mathnet
7. L. L. Doskolovich, A. A. Mingazov, D. A. Bykov, E. S. Andreev, “Variational approach to eikonal function computation”, Computer Optics, 42:4 (2018),  557–567  mathnet
8. L. L. Doskolovich, E. A. Bezus, N. L. Kazanskii, “Multifocal spectral diffractive lens”, Computer Optics, 42:2 (2018),  219–226  mathnet
9. E. A. Bezus, D. A. Bykov, L. L. Doskolovich, “On the relation between the propagation constant of Bloch surface waves and the thickness of the upper layer of a photonic crystal”, Computer Optics, 42:1 (2018),  22–27  mathnet
10. K. V. Andreeva, E. S. Andreev, M. A. Moiseev, S. V. Kravchenko, E. V. Byzov, L. L. Doskolovich, “Design of Extruded refractive optical elements to generate a prescribed intensity distribution”, Computer Optics, 41:6 (2017),  812–819  mathnet
11. E. A. Kadomina, E. A. Bezus, L. L. Doskolovich, “Generation of high-frequency interference patterns of evanescent electromagnetic waves at Fabry-Perot resonances in dielectric photonic crystals”, Computer Optics, 41:3 (2017),  322–329  mathnet
12. S. I. Kharitonov, L. L. Doskolovich, N. L. Kazanskii, “Asymptotic methods for solving problems of diffraction by non-periodic structures”, Computer Optics, 41:2 (2017),  160–168  mathnet
13. N. V. Golovastikov, D. A. Bykov, L. L. Doskolovich, “Temporal differentiation and integration of 3D optical pulses using phase-shifted Bragg gratings”, Computer Optics, 41:1 (2017),  13–21  mathnet
14. K. V. Andreeva, M. A. Moiseev, S. V. Kravchenko, L. L. Doskolovich, “Design of optical elements with TIR freeform surface”, Computer Optics, 40:4 (2016),  467–474  mathnet
15. S. I. Kharitonov, L. L. Doskolovich, N. L. Kazanskii, “Solving the inverse problem of focusing laser radiation in a plane region using geometrical optics”, Computer Optics, 40:4 (2016),  439–450  mathnet
16. L. L. Doskolovich, E. S. Andreev, E. V. Byzov, “Analytical design of mirrors generating prescribed two-dimensional intensity distributions”, Computer Optics, 40:3 (2016),  346–352  mathnet
17. L. L. Doskolovich, E. S. Andreev, M. A. Moiseev, “On optical surface reconstruction from a prescribed source-target mapping”, Computer Optics, 40:3 (2016),  338–345  mathnet
18. S. I. Kharitonov, N. L. Kazanskiy, L. L. Doskolovich, Yu. S. Strelkov, “Modeling the reflection of the electromagnetic waves at a diffraction grating generated on a curved surface”, Computer Optics, 40:2 (2016),  194–202  mathnet
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20. D. A. Bykov, L. L. Doskolovich, “On the use of the Fourier modal method for calculation of localized eigenmodes of integrated optical resonators”, Computer Optics, 39:5 (2015),  663–673  mathnet
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22. E. A. Kadomina, E. A. Bezus, L. L. Doskolovich, “Spectrally selective near-field enhancement in a photonic crystal structure with a diffraction grating”, Computer Optics, 39:4 (2015),  462–468  mathnet
23. E. S. Andreev, M. A. Moiseev, K. V. Borisova, L. L. Doskolovich, “Monte-carlo ray tracing for axisymmetrical optical elements”, Computer Optics, 39:3 (2015),  357–362  mathnet
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25. L. L. Doskolovich, M. A. Moiseev, N. L. Kazanskiy, “On using a supporting quadric method to design diffractive optical elements”, Computer Optics, 39:3 (2015),  339–346  mathnet
26. L. L. Doskolovich, N. V. Golovastikov, D. A. Bykov, S. I. Kharitonov, “Resonant approximation of phase-shifted Bragg grating (PSBG) spectra”, Computer Optics, 39:3 (2015),  311–318  mathnet
27. N. L. Kazanskiy, S. I. Kharitonov, L. L. Doskolovich, A. V. Pavelev, “Modeling the performance of a spaceborne hyperspectrometer based on the Offner scheme”, Computer Optics, 39:1 (2015),  70–76  mathnet
28. L. L. Doskolovich, E. A. Bezus, D. A. Bykov, “On the compensation of the diffraction orders overlap effect in the Offner spectrometer”, Computer Optics, 38:4 (2014),  777–781  mathnet
29. E. V. Byzov, M. A. Moiseev, L. L. Doskolovich, “Method for computation of led secondary optics for automotive headlight”, Computer Optics, 38:4 (2014),  743–748  mathnet
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33. L. L. Doskolovich, M. A. Moiseev, E. V. Byzov, S. V. Kravchenko, “Computation of light field eikonal to focus into a set of points”, Computer Optics, 38:3 (2014),  443–448  mathnet
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