Ushakov Vladimir Georgievich

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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences
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1. A head of the line priority queue with working vacations
E. S. Kondranin, V. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 12:4 (2018),  33–38
2. Sufficient ergodicity conditions for priority queues
A. V. Mistryukov, V. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 12:2 (2018),  24–28
3. Single server queueing system with dependent interarrival times
V. G. Ushakov, N. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 11:2 (2017),  112–116
4. Analysis of a queueing system with autoregressive arrivals and nonpreemptive priority
N. D. Leontyev, V. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 10:3 (2016),  15–22
5. Queueing system with working vacations and hyperexponential input stream
V. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 10:2 (2016),  92–97
6. On averaging of rounded data
V. G. Ushakov, N. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 9:4 (2015),  106–109
7. A study of queueing systems with discrete time, autoregressive arrivals, and feedback
N. D. Leontyev, V. G. Ushakov
Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 25:2 (2015),  60–70
8. Analysis of a queueing system with autoregressive arrivals
N. D. Leontyev, V. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 8:3 (2014),  39–44
9. Deconvolution under partially known error distribution
V. G. Ushakov, N. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 5:4 (2011),  36–39
10. On one kernel density estimator
V. G. Ushakov, N. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 5:3 (2011),  67–73
11. Reconstruction of random function distributions in single photon emission tomography problems using trigonometric polynomial approximation of exponential multiplier
V. G. Ushakov, O. V. Shestakov
Inform. Primen., 5:3 (2011),  17–20
12. Asymptotic analysis of the $E_r(t)|G|1$ queue
O. V. Petrova, V. G. Ushakov
Inform. Primen., 3:4 (2009),  35–40
13. Reconstruction of probabilistic characteristics of random functions in spect problems
V. G. Ushakov, O. V. Shestakov
Inform. Primen., 3:1 (2009),  29–33
14. The application of wavelet expansions for solving the problems of computer tomography with a fan beam scanning schemes
V. G. Ushakov, O. V. Shestakov
Sistemy i Sredstva Inform., 2006, no. special issue,  77–84
15. On the decomposition of probability distributions
V. G. Ushakov, N. G. Ushakov
Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 31:2 (1986),  369–372
16. On indecomposable laws with infinitely divisible projections
V. G. Ušakov, N. G. Ušakov
Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 29:3 (1984),  574–577
17. On indecomposable probability distributions on groups
V. G. Ušakov, N. G. Ušakov
Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 29:2 (1984),  348–351
18. A queueing system with Erlang incoming flow with relative priority
V. G. Ušakov
Teor. Veroyatnost. i Primenen., 22:4 (1977),  860–866

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