Kiselev, Denis Dmitrievich

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Kiselev, Denis Dmitrievich
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (2018)
Speciality: 01.01.06 (Mathematical logic, algebra, and number theory)
Birth date: 10.03.1987
Keywords: finite group, representation of a finite group, Schur index, embedding problem, Galois theory, chattering-control.
UDC: 512.547.2, 512.622, 512.623.3, 512.623.32, 517.977.5


Galois theory, embedding problem, Schur index, generalised Fuller optimal control problem

Main publications:
  1. D. D. Kiselev, “Optimalnye otsenki indeksa Shura i realizuemost predstavleniya”, Matem. sbornik, 205:4 (2014), 69-78
  2. D. D. Kiselev, “Primery zadach pogruzheniya, u kotorykh resheniya tolko polya”, UMN, 68:4 (2013), 181-182
  3. M. I. Zelikin, D. D. Kiselev, L. V. Lokutsievskii, “Optimalnoe upravlenie i teoriya Galua”, Matem. sbornik, 204:11 (2013), 83-98
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1. D. D. Kiselev, “Minimal $p$-extensions and the embedding problem”, Communications in Algebra, 46:1 (2018), 290–321  crossref  mathscinet  zmath  isi  elib  scopus (cited: 2)
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Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. Ульртаразрешимые накрытия и смежные вопросы теории Галуа
D. D. Kiselev
Research Seminar of the Department of Higher Algebra MSU
October 9, 2017
2. Singular extremals in the generalised Fuller problem
M. I. Zelikin, D. D. Kiselev, L. V. Lokutsievskiy
International Conference "Mathematical Theory of Optimal Control" dedicated to the 90th birthday of Academician R. V. Gamkrelidze
June 1, 2017 15:45   
3. Application of Galois theory in optimal control
D. D. Kiselev
Arithmetic geometry seminar
March 20, 2017 17:00
4. Об одном теоретико-числовом сравнении и его применении в теории групп
D. D. Kiselev
Research Seminar of the Department of Higher Algebra MSU
February 27, 2017
5. An application of Galois theory to the optimal control
D. D. Kiselev
General Mathematics Seminar of the St. Petersburg Division of Steklov Institute of Mathematics, Russian Academy of Sciences
February 20, 2017 13:00   
6. Группы Галуа и оптимальное управление
D. D. Kiselev
VI Workshop and Conference on Lie Algebras, Algebraic Groups, and Invariant Theory
January 30, 2017 17:40
7. Optimal control, the Galois theory and everywhere dense winding of the torus
D. D. Kiselev
Research Seminar of the Department of Higher Algebra MSU
September 26, 2016 16:45
8. "О всюду плотной обмотке 2-мерного тора II"
D. D. Kiselev
Contemporary Problems in Number Theory
September 22, 2016 12:45
9. "О всюду плотной обмотке 2-мерного тора"
D. D. Kiselev
Contemporary Problems in Number Theory
April 23, 2015 12:45

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