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Doctor of technical sciences (1977)
Speciality: 05.13.01 (System analysis, the control and processing of information (separated by fields))
Birth date: 2.05.1935
Keywords: stochastic process, noise, noisy signal, correlation analysis, robust algorithms, identification, adequacy.


Theory and technology for robust correlation and spectral analysis of noisy signals that allows for eliminating the effects of noise on the processing results in the case of non-compliance with such classical conditions as the normal distribution law and absence of a correlation between the noise and the useful signal do not hold.

Theory and technology for improving the adequacy of identification, recognition and diagnostics in the case of non-compliance with such classical conditions as the normal distribution law and absence of a correlation between the noise and the useful signal do not hold.

Technology for improving the conditionality of correlation matrices with balancing the relative errors of their elements.

Adaptive position-selective technology for sampling of continuous signals that allows for determining the quantization time based on the high frequency spectrum of the noise, which makes it possible to eliminate losses of a certain portion of information, which are characteristic of traditional principles of analog-to-digital conversion.

Theory and technology for the analysis of noise as a carrier of useful information.

Theory and position-binary technology for the analysis of periodic noisy signals and noises.

Theory and technology for noise monitoring of the latent period of origin of faults and noise prediction of industrial accidents.

Design principles of multichannel analog-to-digital converters with synchronous mini-code delta modulation and compression of multidimensional continuous signals.

Technology and system for receiving and analysis of seismic-acoustic information from the deep strata of the earth by means of steel bores of deep suspended oil wells of depleted deposits, which allow one to predict the time of registration of earthquakes by standard seismic stations.

Distributed intelligent system for noise monitoring of the technical condition of high-rise buildings and strategic objects in cities of seismically active regions.

Technology and system for noise monitoring of the latent initial stage of the origin of cardiovascular diseases.

Excess frequency technology for analysis and identification of multidimensional fast random noisy processes and indication of microchanges in the technical conditions of control objects.

Experimental research of the results of robust noise monitoring of seismic-acoustic noise obtained on the stations built in Balakhani near Baku, at the foot of the Kopetdag in Turkmenistan and in the village of Shikhli in the Qazakh region at the wells with depth no more than 200 m demonstrated the possibility of creating the network of seismic-acoustic stations that allows for determining the location of the earthquake focus and its approximate magnitude several hours before the existing ground seismic stations.


1958–1984, Institute of Cybernetics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, technician, engineer, junior research fellow, senior research fellow, deputy director
1984–1988, Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, the head of the chair
1988–at present Institute of Cybernetics, Director

1953–1958, Electrical Engineer, Azerbaijan State Oil Academy, student
1966, Ph.D., (Candidate of Technical Sciences)
1977, Doctor of Technical Sciences
1985, Professor
1983, a correspondent member of the National Academy of Sciences, speciality "Information Systems and Devices"
2001, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences, speciality "Computer Science"

Main publications:
  1. Telman Aliev, Digital Noise Monitoring of Defect Origin, Springer-Verlag, London, 2007
  2. Telman Aliev, Robust Technology with Analysis of Interference in Signal Processing, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York, 2003
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
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