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Doctor of technical sciences (2002)
Speciality: 05.13.01 (System analysis, the control and processing of information (separated by fields))
Keywords: stochastic process, noise, noisy signal, correlation analysis, robust algorithms, identification, adequacy.
UDC: 681.3.08, 519.216
MSC: 93E10


1. The robust technology of correlation analysis of noisy signals is developed.
2. The robust technology of correlation analysis of an interference of a noisy signal is developed.
3. The robust technology of improving the stipulation of correlation matrices with errors in its elements is developed.
4. The robust technology of providing adequacy of identification is developed.


1979–1983, production association "Azerelectroterm", an engineer-programmer
1983–present, The Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, the department "Information technologies and systems"
1986–1990, an engineer of system programming
1990–present, assistant, senior lecturer, assistant professor, professor
1991–present, the Institute of Cybernetics of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences (in combination), research fellow, senior research fellow, head of the laboratory of "Stochastic Processes Analysis Technology".

1974–1979, the Azerbaijan Institute of Oil and Chemistry, the speciality of Applied mathematics, student.
1983–1986, The Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction, the post-graduate
1990, Ph.D. (Candidate of Technical Sciences)
2003, Doctor of Technical Sciences
2007, Professor

the robust technology of the correlation analysis of noisy signals with interference influence elimination;
the robust technology of the correlation analysis of interference of a noisy signal;
the robust technology of improving correlation matrix stipulation with the availability of errors in their elements;
the robust technology of providing the adequacy of identification of technological processes;
a technology for the solution of problems of confluent analysis of noisy technological processes is developed based on the technologies used in calculation of the variance of interference, the degree of robustness of estimators of the auto- and cross-correlation functions, robust correlation matrices, and balance algorithms for the relative errors of their elements.

Main publications:
  1. Aliyev T.A., Musaeva N.F., “An algorithm for Eliminating Microerrors of Noise in the Solution of Statistical Dynamics Problems”, Automation and Remote Control, 59:5 (1998), 679–688
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Publications in Math-Net.Ru
1. An algorithm for eliminating micro-errors of noise in the solution of problems in statistical dynamics
T. A. Aliev, N. F. Musaeva
Avtomat. i Telemekh., 1998, no. 5,  82–94

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