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Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (2002)
Speciality: 01.04.02 (Theoretical physics)
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1. I. P. Zavershinskii, A. I. Klimov, N. E. Molevich, S. S. Sugak, “Acoustically induced formation of helical structures in a swirling argon flow in the presence of pulse repetitive capacity HF discharge”, TVT, 56:3 (2018),  472–476  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 56:3 (2018), 454–457  isi  elib  scopus
2. D. A. Anchikov, A. A. Krents, N. E. Molevich, “Spatially inhomogeneous pattern formation due to parametric modulation in large broad-area lasers”, Computer Optics, 41:3 (2017),  363–368  mathnet
3. I. P. Zavershinskii, A. I. Klimov, S. E. Kurushina, V. V. Maximov, N. E. Molevich, S. S. Sugak, “The stability of swirling flows with a heat source”, TVT, 55:5 (2017),  762–768  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 55:5 (2017), 746–752  isi  scopus
4. D. A. Anchikov, A. A. Krents, N. E. Molevich, A. V. Pakhomov, “Suppression of spatio-temporal instabilities in broad-area class-B lasers”, Computer Optics, 40:1 (2016),  31–35  mathnet
5. V. A. Bityurin, I. P. Zavershinskii, A. I. Klimov, N. E. Molevich, I. A. Moralev, D. Munhoz, L. Polyakov, D. P. Porfir'ev, S. S. Sugak, “Streamlining of a cylinder with an electric arc rotating in a magnetic field”, TVT, 54:4 (2016),  632–635  mathnet  elib; High Temperature, 54:4 (2016), 599–602  isi  scopus
6. D. A. Anchikov, A. A. Krents, S. V. Krestin, N. E. Molevich, A. V. Pakhomov, “Investigation of temperature-induced lasing dynamics in broad-area VCSESL”, Computer Optics, 39:5 (2015),  721–727  mathnet
7. I. P. Zavershinskii, V. S. Krasnoukhov, N. E. Molevich, S. S. Sugak, “On the formation of structures in nonequilibrium media in the resonant three-wave interaction”, Computer Optics, 39:4 (2015),  480–485  mathnet
8. D. A. Anchikov, A. A. Krents, N. E. Molevich, A. V. Pakhomov, “Spatio-temporal instabilities in large aperture lasers”, Computer Optics, 38:4 (2014),  681–685  mathnet
9. A. O. Gorbunova, I. P. Zavershinskii, N. E. Molevich, D. P. Porfirev, “Numerical simulation of vortical structures in the RF electromagnetic field”, Computer Optics, 38:4 (2014),  643–650  mathnet
10. D. Zavershinsky, N. E. Molevich, “Amplifaction of magnetoacoustic waves in optically thin plasma medium with thermal instability”, Computer Optics, 38:4 (2014),  619–622  mathnet
11. D. Zavershinsky, N. E. Molevich, “Parametrical interaction of codirectional magnetoacoustic and alfven waves at magnetoacoustic instability”, Computer Optics, 37:4 (2013),  410–414  mathnet
12. N. E. Molevich, S. Yu. Pichugin, “Pulsed H<sub>2</sub> — F<sub>2</sub> laser with simultaneous lasing on rotational and vibrational—rotational transitions”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 41:5 (2011),  427–429  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 41:5 (2011), 427–429  isi  scopus]
13. I. P. Zavershinskii, A. I. Klimov, V. G. Makaryan, N. E. Molevich, I. A. Moralev, D. P. Porfir'ev, “Численное моделирование вихревого потока в присутствии поперечного разряда постоянного тока”, TVT, 48:supplementary issue (2010),  142–146  mathnet
14. R. N. Galimov, N. E. Molevich, “Small perturbations in the chemically active gas medium with the reversible reaction and external energy source and reagents source”, Vestnik Samarskogo Gosudarstvennogo Universiteta. Estestvenno-Nauchnaya Seriya, 2010, 6(80),  125–138  mathnet
15. A. A. Krents, N. E. Molevich, “Cascade of torus doubling bifurcations in a detuned laser”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 39:8 (2009),  751–756  mathnet  elib [Quantum Electron., 39:8 (2009), 751–756  isi  scopus]
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21. N. E. Molevich, “Green function for three-wave coupling problems”, Kvantovaya Elektronika, 31:7 (2001),  653–657  mathnet [Quantum Electron., 31:7 (2001), 653–657  isi]
22. N. E. Molevich, “Amplification of vortex and temperature waves in the process of induced scattering of sound in thermodynamically nonequilibrium media”, TVT, 39:6 (2001),  949–953  mathnet; High Temperature, 39:6 (2001), 884–888
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