Shchepin Evgeny Vital'evich

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Shchepin Evgeny Vital'evich
Corresponding member of RAS
Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences (1979)
Speciality: 01.01.04 (Geometry and topology)
Birth date: 10.10.1951
Keywords: dimension theory, continuous selections, transformation groups.


1) Topology of subset of Euclidean space. Dimension theory. Embedding problems. Compact group actions. Continuous selections of multivalued mappings.

2) Application of topology to geometry of convex bodies. 3) Topological methods of pattern recognition.

4) Divergent series.

Main publications:
  • Topology of limit spaces of uncountable inverse spectra // Russian Mathematical Survey, 1976, v. 31, no. 5.
  • Character recognition via critical points // Inter. J. of Imag. Systems and Technology, 1991, v. 3 (with G. M. Nepomnyashchii).
  • Selections of Filtered Multivalued Mappings // Proc. Steklov Inst. Math., v. 212, 1996.
  • Arithmetic of dimension theory // Russian Math. Surveys, 52:5, 1999.
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Presentations in Math-Net.Ru
1. О цепных изометриях компактов
E. V. Shchepin
Differential geometry and applications
March 13, 2017 16:45
2. Exponential series
E. V. Shchepin
Seminar on analytic theory of differential equations
November 16, 2016 14:30   
3. Leibniz differential and the St. Petersburg paradox.
E. V. Shchepin
Principle Seminar of the Department of Probability Theory, Moscow State University
November 9, 2016 16:45
4. О формуле удвоения для полигамма-функций
E. V. Shchepin
Seminar on Theory of Functions of Real Variables
March 11, 2016 18:30
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E. V. Shchepin
Seminar on Complex Analysis (Gonchar Seminar)
January 25, 2016 17:00
6. Exponential series Lecture 13
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Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
December 7, 2015 18:00   
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November 30, 2015 18:00   
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Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
November 23, 2015 18:00   
9. Exponential series Lecture 10
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
November 16, 2015 18:00   
10. On the Complexity of Constructing Multiprocessor Little-Preemptive Schedules
E. V. Shchepin
Scientific session of the Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS dedicated to the results of 2015
November 11, 2015 12:45   
11. Exponential series Lecture 9
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
November 9, 2015 18:00   
12. Exponential series Lecture 8
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
November 2, 2015 18:00   
13. Exponential series Lecture 7
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
October 26, 2015 18:00   
14. Exponential series. Lecture 6
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
October 19, 2015 18:00   
15. Exponential series. Lecture 5
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
October 12, 2015 18:00   
16. Exponential series. Lecture 4
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
October 5, 2015 18:00   
17. Exponential series. Lecture 3
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
September 28, 2015 18:00   
18. Exponential series. Lecture 2
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
September 21, 2015 18:00   
19. Exponential series. Lecture 1
E. V. Shchepin
Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series"
September 14, 2015 18:00   
20. Неупорядоченные суммы и ряды Дирихле
E. V. Shchepin
Seminar on Approximation Theory
May 14, 2015 10:30
21. Leibnitz differential
E. V. Shchepin
Colloquium of the Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
March 13, 2014 16:00   
22. "On Peano's curves"
E. V. Shchepin
Discrete and Computational Geometry
October 16, 2013 13:00
23. Leibniz' differential
E. V. Shchepin
Seminar on Complex Analysis (Gonchar Seminar)
April 1, 2013 18:00
24. Дифференциал и интеграл Лейбница
E. V. Shchepin
P.K. Rashevskii seminar on tensor and vector analysis with applications in geometry, mechanics and physics
May 14, 2012 18:30
25. On the summation by Cesaro. Leibniz arithmetic integral
E. V. Shchepin
Seminar on Complex Analysis (Gonchar Seminar)
January 16, 2012 18:00
26. Euler and divergent series
E. V. Shchepin
Scientific conference "Leonhard Euler and Contemporary Mathematics"
May 17, 2007
27. Asymptotic Dirichlet series and Laplace integrals
E. V. Shchepin
Steklov Mathematical Institute Seminar
September 23, 2004 16:00   

Books in Math-Net.Ru
  1. Mappings and dimension, Collection of articles. To hundred' birthday of Academician P. S. Alexandroff, Tr. Mat. Inst. Steklova, 212, ed. E. F. Mishchenko, E. V. Shchepin, 1996, 241 с.

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