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Reports presented at conferences
Seminars of the Steklov Mathematical Institute
Lectures of the Educational Center of Steklov Mathematical Institute of RAS
   Course by D. V. Bykov "Flag manifold sigma models: spin chains and integrable theories", February 12–April 30, 2021
   Course by I. S. Rezvyakova "On the densest sphere packing in dimension eight", February 12–April 23, 2021
   Seminar by I. G. Lysenok and A. L. Talambutsa "Seminar on geometric group theory", February 11–May 27, 2021
   Course by D. S. Shirokov "Foundations of the theory of Clifford algebras and spinors", February 11–May 6, 2021
   Course by A. L. Talambutsa "Decision problems in algebra", February 10–May 26, 2021
   Course by I. G. Lysenok "Equations in groups", February 9–May 25, 2021
   Course by A. V. Zotov "Elliptic functions, R-matrix identities and integrable structures", February 9–May 18, 2021
   Course by V. V. Markov "Introduction to the theory of gas detonation. Continuation", February 9–May 11, 2021
   Course by D. D. Kiselev "Standard Gröbner–Shirshov bases and related questions", February 9–April 20, 2021
   Course by G. B. Shabat "Classification problems in algebraic geometry", February 8–April 26, 2021
   Course by Yu. G. Prokhorov and C. A. Shramov "Algebraic surfaces", September 16, 2020–April 28, 2021
   Course by O. G. Balkanova "Spectral theory and the Kuznetsov trace formula", Moscow, September 16–December 23, 2020
   Course by R. V. Shamin "Functional analysis and machine learning", September 11–December 11, 2020
   Course by M. V. Zhitlukhin "Introduction to the theory of martingales", September 11–November 27, 2020
   Course by G. B. Shabat "Introduction to the theory of zeta-functions", September 11–November 27, 2020
   Course by M. A. Korolev "Sieve methods: selected topics", Moscow, September 10–December 3, 2020
   Course by G. G. Amosov "Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics", September 10–November 26, 2020
   Course by A. T. Il'ichev "Stability of non-uniform states in unbounded spatial domains", September 9–December 2, 2020
   Course by A. S. Trushechkin and D. A. Kronberg "Mathematical foundations of quantum cryptography", September 8–December 22, 2020
   Course by D. D. Kiselev "Inverse Galois Theory: embedding problem", September 8–December 8, 2020
   Course by E. Yu. Bunkova, P. G. Grinevich and O. K. Sheinman "Algebraic-geometric methods in the theory of integrable systems: classical intehrable systems and Hitchin systems", September 8–December 1, 2020
   Course by S. L. Kuznetsov and D. S. Shamkanov "Circular proofs", September 7–December 14, 2020
   Course by D. V. Osipov "Elliptic curves and their arithmetic properties", September 7–December 7, 2020
   Seminar by I. D. Shkredov "Problems of additive combinatorics", Moscow, February 17, 2020–May 24, 2021
   Course by A. Ye. Teretenkov "Foundations of open quantum systems theory", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 530, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 14–May 18, 2020
   Course by A. G. Sergeev "Noncommutative geometry and analysis", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 430, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 14–April 3, 2020
   Course by M. A. Korolev "Sieve methods", Moscow, February 13–May 28, 2020
   Course by G. G. Amosov "Quantum information and quantum dynamics", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 430, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 13–May 18, 2020
   Course by A. I. Tyulenev "Geometric Measure Theory. Introduction.", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 430, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 12–May 27, 2020
   Course by Yu. G. Prokhorov and C. A. Shramov "Algebraic curves", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 530, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 12–April 30, 2020
   Seminar by A. V. Zotov, A. K. Pogrebkov and N. A. Slavnov "Methods of classical and quantum integrable systems", Moscow, February 11, 2020–May 25, 2021
   Course by A. V. Fonarev "Foundations of Algebraic Geometry", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 530, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 11–June 6, 2020
   Course by E. Yu. Bunkova, P. G. Grinevich and O. K. Sheinman "Algebro-geometric methods in the theory of integrable systems", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 430, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 11–May 26, 2020
   Course by A. V. Zotov "Introduction to integrable systems and dualities", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 530, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 11–May 26, 2020
   Course by V.V. Markov "Introduction to the theory of gaseous detonation", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 313, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 11–May 26, 2020
   Course by I. G. Lysenok "Introduction to geometric group theory", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 313, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 11–May 19, 2020
   Course by S. O. Gorchinskiy "Differential Galois Theory", Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 430, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, February 10–May 27, 2020
   Joint seminar of SIMC and HSE by A. I. Bufetov, A. V. Dymov, A. V. Klimenko, M. Mariani and G. I. Olshanskii “Representations and Probability”, Moscow, January 20, 2020–May 27, 2021
   L. D. Beklemishev, S. L. Kuznetsov. Computational proof theory and lambda calculus, Steklov Mathematical Institute, room 530, 8 Gubkina St., Moscow, September 30, 2019–May 12, 2020
   Course by Yu. G. Prokhorov, C. A. Shramov. Algebraic Curves, Steklov Mathematical Institute, September 18–December 4, 2019
   I.A. Dynnikov, M.V. Prasolov, V.A. Shastin. Combinatorics of rectangular diagrams of knots and surfaces and contact topology., Steklov Mathematical Institute, September 13–December 6, 2019
   A.E. Teretenkov. Fundamentals of open quantum systems Theory, Steklov Mathematical Institute, September 13–November 29, 2019
   Course by G. G. Amosov. Mathematical foundations of quantum mechanics, Steklov Mathematical Institute, September 12–November 14, 2019
   R.V. Shamin. Machine learning and artificial intelligence in mechanics, Steklov Mathematical Institute, September 10–December 3, 2019
   , February 12–May 21, 2019
   , February 11–April 26, 2019
   , October 3, 2018–April 24, 2019
   , September 24, 2018–May 20, 2019
   , September 13, 2018–May 29, 2019
   , September 11–December 11, 2018
   , February 22–April 19, 2018
   , February 16–May 18, 2018
   , February 14–April 4, 2018
   , February 13–May 22, 2018
   , October 2–December 18, 2017
   , September 14–December 29, 2017
   , September 14–December 14, 2017
   , September 13–November 29, 2017
   , September 12–December 12, 2017
   , February 17–May 19, 2017
   , February 17–April 21, 2017
   , February 16–April 27, 2017
   , February 14–April 18, 2017
   , September 21, 2016–April 19, 2017
   , September 16, 2016–May 19, 2017
   , September 15–November 24, 2016
   , September 13–December 6, 2016
   , September 12–December 12, 2016
   , September 9–December 31, 2016
   A. A. Aizenberg course "Combinatorics, topology and algebra of simplicial complexes", spring semester 2015/2016, Moscow, February 15–May 31, 2016
   F. M. Pakhomov course "Predicative subsystem of second-order arithmetic", spring semester 2015/2016, Moscow, February 15–May 31, 2016
   , February 15–May 31, 2016
   M. E. Changa course "The sieve method", spring semester 2015/2016, Moscow, February 15–April 28, 2016
   C. A. Shramov course "Classical algebraic geometry", spring semester 2015/2016, Moscow, February 15–April 27, 2016
   Course by Yu. G. Prokhorov "Classical algebraic geometry", Moscow, September 23–December 2, 2015
   A. G. Kuznetsov course "Vector bundles on complex projective spaces", Moscow, September 22–December 1, 2015
   G. A. Kolyutsky course "Introduction to the dynamical systems theory", Moscow, September 15–December 8, 2015
   Evgeny V. Shchepin course "Exponential series", Moscow, September 14–December 7, 2015
   Special course "General relativity and the geometric theory of defects", 2015, Moscow, February 20–May 22, 2015
   Special course "Lambda calculus, or computational proof theory", 2015, Moscow, February 18–May 13, 2015
   Special course "Cohomology of moduli spaces of algebraic curves", 2015, Moscow, September 15, 2014–April 27, 2015
   Special seminar "Geometric Theory of Groups", 2012, Moscow, October 4–December 20, 2012
   Course by D. O. Orlov «Algebraic Geometry», Moscow, September 16–December 2, 2009
Seminars of the Moscow State University
Lectures and seminars of the St. Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics
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Seminars of Higher School of Economics
Seminars of the National University of Science and Technology "MISIS"
Lectures and seminars of Independent University of Moscow
Lectures and seminars of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
PreMoLab Seminar
Seminars of the Kazan state power engineering university
Seminars of Laboratory for mathematical modeling of nonlinear processes in gas media at MIPT
Meetings of the Moscow Mathematical Society, Moscow
Meetings of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society, St. Petersburg
Seminars of the Russian Peoples' Friendship University
Lectures and seminars of the Moscow State Pedagogical University
Courses and School Materials
Lectures of the Summer School "Contemporary Mathematics", Dubna
Lectures of the Summer mathematical school "Algebra and Geometry", Yaroslavl
Popular Lectures on Mathematics and Related Sciences
Academician A. A. Zaliznyak Lectures
Seminars of Chebyshev Laboratory
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Seminars of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University
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