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Seminar on the History of Mathematics
November 2, 2017 18:00, St. Peterburg

Adolf Lvovich Fuksman (1937-1978) and the development of the Computing Center in Rostov-on-Don

Nalbandyan Yu.S.
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Nalbandyan Yu.S.

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Abstract: Physical and mathematical (later - mechanical and mathematical) Faculty of Rostov University has always been distinguished by bright, talented, extraordinary personalities who inspired and led others. One of these stars was Adolf Lvovich Fuksman. Forty years of his life included brilliant original articles on the approximation of functions, Ph.D. thesis, teaching activities, the management of the University Computing Center, the creation of his own scientific school, the organization of the legendary annual all-union schools- seminars on system and theoretical programming, work on technology for layered programming, research on weakly-separated grammars, an original approach to the technology of creating large software complexes and a monograph " Tehnological aspects of creating software systems "- it will be released after the death of A. Fuksman and become a bestseller for programmers and a monument to this outstanding scientist and practice. The report, based on archive materials and memoirs of contemporaries, will deal with key points in the biography of A. Fuchsmann, his scientific and teaching work, as well as the development of the Computing Center of the RSU and the role of A. Fuksman in this process.

Presentation: фуксман_питер.ppt (17.7 Mb)

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