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Seminar on the History of Mathematics
April 5, 2018 18:00, St. Peterburg

The history of mathematical linguistics

Lesnikov S.V.
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Lesnikov S.V.

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Abstract: The report is devoted to the place of mathematics in linguistics. The following are considered questions: 1) background of the question and the use of quantitative and statistical methods in Philology, 2) Kurt Gödel's theorem, 3) the concept of linguistic variable, 4) the framework system for the representation of Marvin's knowledge of Minsk, 5) the Machine Fund of the Russian language, 6) quantitative analysis of the works of poets of the Golden and Silver ages, as well as 6) methods for calculating the values of accumulated entropy texts; the index of the iteration, exclusivity, density, distribution and predictability of texts and 7) the algorithm iterative-recursive calculation of the weights of terms and their sources (dictionaries, reference books and encyclopedias in which the terms are defined as terms of a specific subject area) to implement effective information search on modern computer databases lexicographical materials with financial support of Russian Foundation for basic research RFBR/ in the action research project (grant) N11-07-00733 (2011-2013) <Hypertext informational and search thesaurus <Metalanguage of science> (structure; mathematical, linguistic and software; sections of linguistics, mathematics, Economics)> (supervisor S. V. Lesnikov) [].

Materials: ИСТОРИЯ_МАТЕМАТИЧЕСКОЙ_ЛИНГВИСТИКИ_Презентация_2018_04_05_pdf.pdf (1.6 Mb)

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