Scientific semester "Holography: from high-energy physics to quantum information" (Conference ”Frontiers of holographic duality" 20-25 April 2020).
(March 23–April 30, 2020, Steklov Mathematical Institute, Gubkina 8, Conference hall, Moscow)

Having been initially used as a tool to explore strongly coupled phenomena, holography found important applications and intriguing insights in the structure of quantum gravity and quantum information, linking them to certain universal properties of strongly coupled chaotic quantum systems. It provides unified geometric tools for the description of various phenomena in the heavy ions collision physics, many-body physics applications, black hole physics and quantum information theory.

The scientific semester "Holography: from high-energy physics to quantum information" to be held in Steklov Mathematical institute, Moscow on March 23 -- April 30, 2020, is intended to cover all these topics. The aim is to explore a wide variety of aspects of holographic duality, bringing together specialists in main topics to have a comprehensive, but intensive discussions of the frontiers of holography and closely related subjects of quantum information and strongly-coupled theory.

The topics to be discussed include holographic duality and applications:

  • holographic quantum chromodynamics and heavy ions collisions;
  • entanglement, chaos and many-body phenomena;
  • black holes and quantum information.

The program also includes the conference "Frontiers of holographic duality" (20-25 April 2020).

Financial support:

We have a possibility for limited financial support to cover travel (flight tickets ~500 Euros for Europe and ~1000$ for America/Asia) and accommodation (400-500 Euro per one week and 1-3 weeks duration) expenses for a part of participants.

For financial support please check the corresponding box in the registration form and send the detailed request to the conference email after the registration.

Accommodation: there are limited number of rooms in the guest house in our institute that can be provided by request (400 Euro per week).

The deadline for financial support request is 30 January, 2019.

The deadline for registration for the program is 15 February, 2020.

Invited Speakers (updating).




Scientific Committee
Erdmenger Johanna
Kiritsis Elias
Klebanov Igor Romanovich
Myers Robert
Sonnenschein Jacob
Takayanagi Tadashi
Verbaarschot Jacobus
Volovich Igor Vasil'evich

Organizing Committee
Aref'eva Irina Yaroslavna (Chairman)
Ageev Dmitrii Sergeevich (scientific secretary)
Dymarskii Anatoly
Khramtsov Mikhail Alexandrovich
Tikhanovskaya Mariya Dmitrievna

Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow
Steklov International Mathematical Center

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